Welcome to Chimera!



This website is designed to generate decklists for the Chimera format of netrunner.

What is Chimera?

Chimera is a newly designed format of netrunner, which involves randomly generating “legal”* eternal+** Ampere, and Nova decklists.

*Ampere is not restricted to the max 2 agendas from each faction requirement on its identity (note: this makes it so jnet may label its decklists as even casual illegal)
**including all terminal directive cards (campaign cards too, which were never legal in tournament play)

From playtesting the above changes made the format the most fun!

How to play:

1. Generate decklists using the following url: new deck
2. Copy your decklist Ampere, or Nova into jnet (note: the text is already formatted to align with jnet’s deck building field)
 [suggestion: copy the deck without looking at it. We found playing the decks completely blind to be the most fun in playtesting]
3. Hop in a game with someone else playing Chimera on the opposite side
4. Enjoy!
5. Give feedback/ideas/suggestions for the format to santa181 on Discord!

The Algorithm:

Temporarily the corp is guaranteed 6 RWR cards, and the runner is guaranteed 5.

 1. Agendas are added until the corp is at 20 agenda points.
 2. The corp is given a base of 9 econ cards.
 3. The remainder of the corp's deck is filled out with any non-agenda cards, until it hits 49 cards.
 1. Runner is given one of each breaker in the form of Peacock, Aurora, and Creeper
 2. The runner is given a base of 8 econ cards.
 3. The remainder of the runner's deck is filled out with any cards, until it has 40 cards.

Econ Card:
 - Philosophy: Econ cards are meant to feel like a generally good and consistently reliable card to
 provide some economic value. However, they should not be too strong, or the only econ card you need.
 Following this pattern cards like Account Siphon, and Magnum Opus do not exist on the econ list.
 - Corp
 - Runner

Ban List:
  - Philosophy: The general intention of balancing Chimera is that "click to draw should feel good"!
  Following this pattern "overpowered" cards are not banned, and the bans focus on removing cards that are:
  1. pointless within the format of singletons and no id abilities/factions.
  2. just below the curve of a card that would feel actually fun to have in your deck.
  3. lacking consistent synergy with the deck being completely random.
 - Corp
 - Runner


- The format was designed by the 2023 APAC champion Santa, and the 2023 intercontinental champion maninthemoon.
- All current coding credit goes to Santa
- Thanks to maninthemoon, Santa, and the Chimera playtesters for helping with evaluation of the econ, and ban lists


- You can submit game reports here which are used to help balance the format.
- You can submit bug reports here
- If you have any additional feedback on ways to improve the format please DM santa181 on Discord.

Looking forward:

- The plan is to open source the repository, where all the code will be available to explore and contribute to within github.